You just got engaged! It’s exciting, but planning a wedding is really flipping hard, stressful, and emotional. It takes time, organization, and help from people who know what they’re doing. Lucky for you, I’m a wedding planner, and I know what I’m doing. I haven’t sugarcoated anything...Instead, I’ve written great tips because everyone deserves the wedding of their dreams. I’ve condensed everything you need to know and should want to know to get you started with the planning process in this little, easy-to-read book. I’ve shared some personal stories that occurred throughout my career. You are not alone in this process and you are not crazy…you’ll see!  With a bit of humor, sarcasm, a whole lot of brutal honesty, and maybe a few curse words...because that's how I talk, I will show you how to keep wedding planning light-hearted and fun. That’s what this time of your life should be! Get a copy of my book for yourself!


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